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The human brain is the most complex and one of the most intriguing creations of nature. It is in fact often said that if humans were intelligent enough to understand the working of their own brain, it would be too complex for them to understand.

At Sterling Hospitals, the department of neurosciences has been a pioneer in the field and, for over 20 years, has proved its mettle time and again by serving the large number of patients from Gujarat, neighboring states and abroad.

The Department has a vast pool of talented and experienced team of doctors, who are further supported by cutting-edge technology.

Subsequently, Sterling Hospital has the largest and finest Neuro Team of Western India.

Sterling Stroke Institute (SSI)

In 2015, we launched one-of-its-kind Sterling Stroke Institute for the medical and surgical management of Stroke. The Sterling Stroke Institute (SSI) shares the vision to create Stroke-free society by providing comprehensive care in Stroke (as known as Brain Attack) – the major cause of death after Heart attack, Cancer, and road accidents.

SSI has an ultra-modern and dedicated Stroke ICU specially designed to fulfill even the minutest requirement of patient; including the facility of performing bedside EEG & EMG. For patient requiring immediate attention, a Stroke Helpline Number - 079 4001 1818 has been set up at Emergency room.

A stroke occurs when person experiences symptoms like weakness in one side of  body, limb may stop working or become numb, symptoms of confusion or difficulty in speech, imbalance, vertigo, visual blurring, sudden headaches, nausea or vomiting or unconsciousness. It requires immediate attention and hassle-free treatment. Therefore, a team of sixty two dedicated medical staff comprising of Neurologists, Endovascular surgeon, Neuro surgeons, Radiologists, Trained Nurses, Technicians and other Para-medical staff, has also been deputed.

In-order to enhance patient satisfaction, we are assuring quality care and treatment for conditions such as Stroke, Brain Hemorrhage, Head Injury, Trauma and Critical Care, Epilepsy etc.

Sterling Stroke Institute (SSI) – Overview

  • 29 Neuro ICU beds including 4 dedicated beds for  stroke patients
  • Specialised & dedicated 'Stroke Ready' Team for 24*7 Stroke Thrombolysis
  • Thrombolysis compatible Philips Achieva 1.5T MRI machine
  • Dedicated high-end 3D Cathlab for Neuro Interventions
  • Dedicated Stroke Clinic for Comprehensive Care from  Acute to Rehab & Prevention
  • Executive Health Checkup‎ to screen & prevent 'Brain Stroke'
  • Dedicated Stroke Helpline & ICU on Wheels ambulance services.
  • Rehabilitation

Dept. of Neurosciences : Services Provided

  • 24*7 emergency services with daily OPD
  • Dedicated Neuro ICU for all critically ill patients and those suffering from comas, strokes, hemiplegia, severe neuropathy or road traffic accidents etc.
  • Dedicated ICU which comprises ventilators, multi-paramonitoring systems, infusion pumps, central oxygen suction, defibrillators and other equipment are managed by experienced, trained and qualified doctors as well as support staff
  • Dedicated Sterling Stroke Institute for the medical and surgical management of Stroke
  • Dedicated Neuronavigation System for precision based surgery


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