Sterling Hospital


To be a ‘Preferred Choice’ provider for’ ‘Ethical’ ‘Superior’ ‘Holistic’ healthcare solutions. To be ‘Humane’ ‘Viable’ & ‘Patient Centric‘.

The Definitions

  1. Preferred Choice – First choice in Gujarat.
  2. Ethical – No over medication, over surgeries and/or over diagnostics.
  3. Superior – Provides specialized ‘high end services’ at ‘value for money’ charges.
  4. Holistic – Preventive and Curative. Comprehensive for selected specialties.


  • ‘Excel & above all ‘Be ethical and honest’ – never violate your conscience’.
  • ‘We make a difference in everything we do’.
  • ‘We do everything on or before time’.
  • ‘We deliver quality-do more than what the client expects’.


  • Superior – We do our best at all times and look for ways to do it even better. “Strive to be the best”
  • Trustworthy – Works upon mutual trust.
  • Ethical – Operate on principle of Ethics.
  • Respectful – We respect “each individual & their inherent value” and treat them the way we want to be treated.
  • Legal – We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes and mistakes
  • Integrated –We value integrity entrusted to us for the enhancement of human life.
  • Noble – We cultivate the resources delegated to us to promote healing and wholeness
  • Group – We value our staff, our work and take pride in bringing the hope & healing to every individual in our care by working together.

Your Most Trusted Health Partner of Life