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Obesity is an extremely worrying issue today. It is a condition of being overweight, which is typically seen in developed countries but is being witnessed in developing countries as well in recent times. It should be taken very seriously as this condition can lead to various other diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea (OSA), Infertility etc. and can be life-threatening as well.

Primary approach:

The primary approach to treating obesity is to reduce excessive body weight. This can mainly be done by dieting, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly. Besides these, various therapies like behavioural and drug therapy have also proven to be useful but short –term weight loss methods. Hence, they cannot be seen as permanent solutions for dealing with obesity.

A permanent solution to deal with obesity:

Surgical management is the answer for morbid obesity. There are surgical procedures, coupled with behavioural modification, that facilitate long-term weight loss and offer a permanent solution. Laparoscopic or robotic surgery is one of the procedures that help in getting rid of obesity.

In India, bariatric surgery is a growing option. This department employs latest technology in treating patients with obesity like robotic surgery. The Department of Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery at Sterling Hospitals offers the following surgical options for treatment of obesity besides Robotic Bariatric Surgery, which is the treatment of choice presently for this condition.

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: Robotic/Laparoscopic surgery with band
  • Gastric Bypass: bypass with band
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Intra Gastric Balloon
  • Metabolic surgery (for diabetes type II)

For Further Information

Please contact the Bariatric Surgery Department (990-928-1738) at Sterling Hospitals for further details.


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