Sterling Hospital

I had never imagined that a health facility would become my home for nine long months. In many uncountable ways, I was reborn at Sterling Hospital.

A hospital is as good as the doctors, nursing and support staff it can boast of - they are truly its lifeline. Sterling Hospital for me and my family, is synonymous with Dr. Vijay Bhatia and Dr. Amrish Patel who, shall we put it straight, saved my life. Dexterity of hand and sound professional expertise clearly shone in our long association. Their patience, dedication and immovable strength towards getting me to live and then stand on my feet is a rare phenomenon today, when most hospitals have become just businesses. Dr. Rikin Shah’s approach made it easier to accept the reality of an amputation.

From jokes in the O.T. to applauding every extra step I took - all other specialists, anaesthetists', physiotherapists, administrators contributed greatly to my care and well-being. I cannot forget the many smiling faces of the nursing staff, attendants, lift & security personnel who kept my spirits up and even supported my family during this spell. They literally lifted me up, helping me re-learn what it means to walk!

My discharge in December 2016 was an emotional reality for my family. In consequent visits, I continue to receive overwhelming smiles of concern and encouragement from every quarter.

I sincerely wish Sterling Hospital, all the best and hope it continues to serve the sick, irrespective of rich or poor, caste or creed.

Pallavi Sobti Rajpal Pallavi Sobti Rajpal

Your Most Trusted Health Partner of Life