Sterling Hospital


Our Logo does not have a symbolic image but the name itself; brands true QUALITY of HEALTHCARE and service to humanity.

STERLING means ‘Optimum Quality’. Our endeavor is to achieve prime quality standard and not only b a center of cure but awareness and service.
The ‘bold’ stance of the name Sterling represents strong ethics always in interest of the patrons and the employees.

The color of the Brand is blue which signifies love, peace, and happiness. Blue color produces calm, cool, and soothing effects. Thus signifying the same emotions and message for the community and the valued employees.

The ‘ ’ replacing‘t’ in Sterling is a green cross, which symbolizes tranquility, health and happiness and is suggestive of the brand being associated to Healthcare. The same stands for the term underlining the service type.

is the tag line and one of the prime value of the Hospital. The value of one’s Life, Health, Care and Cure is what the three precious words in this expression denote.

Indicates that the Hospital, completed 20 years.

Your Most Trusted Health Partner of Life